Friday, January 23, 2009

Things I will never need

1. More than one clock on my desktop
2. An analog clock on my computer or phone, anywhere
3. Small widgetized forms of old games (block breaker, that picture shuffle thing) I never enjoyed in their original form cluttering up my desktop
4. Cover flow for just about anything
5. Transparent or semi-transparent windows that lock themselves on top of other windows


Huyen Tue Dao said...

1. No multiple timezones so you can stay up-to-date on your multi-national real estate empire? ;)
2. It's fun option if you want to try and appear retro/hip [hides the analog-faced clock app on her blackberry]
3. Right on. Superfluous filler content for the lose.
4. Freaking hate cover flow. Especially when used for everything but album covers.
5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaamen, hallelujah, brother.

Doug McCune said...

My current co-workers are in New York, Kentucky, Atlanta, Denver, Seattle, and California. My dad is in Sweden. And I have a good friend in India. I need mad clocks.

RJ said...

Amend it to say "multiple clocks that display the same time", a la android or the awesome Windows 7 screen shots:

The clock on the bottom and top of the right side say the same thing. I keep seeing sweet new platforms with screen shots like this, and it's a major buzz kill.

RJ said...

Here's a link straight to the stupid clock picture:

2 digitals and an analog, all on the same time!!

Anonymous said...

I honestly hate how 7 looks, mainly because it still looks almost exactly like Vista. I got so sick of looking at their "gadgets" that I just uninstalled them from my old computer. You'd think MS would want a more radical change of appearance if they want people to buy 7 after the atrocity that is Vista graced the world's PCs.