Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MAX slides posted to Slideshare, embedded here

Slides from my presentation at MAX titled "A Deep Dive Into the Flex 3 Framework" are available up on slideshare:

Flex3 Deep Dive Final
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We got great reception and generally good reviews for this presentation, but some people were underwhelmed. Some thought that the "deep dive" didn't dive quite as deeply as they would have liked, and others thought the title was misleading. I agree with you on both accounts. :)

Matt Chotin actually picked the title and by the time we put the talk together it was too late to change it. A better title might have been "Flex 3 Junk Drawer: something things you never knew about classes you use all the time."

Balancing the depth of a talk like this is difficult. We needed to give some "intro" level discussion for people who are new to Flex, but we also wanted to dive "deep" into some topics people hadn't learned before. In the end, I really wish I would've had time to dive deeper into the style manager, but I thought Brad's presentation of Collections and Binding were both really good. It's difficult to go too deep into the SystemManager, since it's not a class many people interact with. I was hoping that information on how it works (particularly the section on the structure of the Flex-produced swf file) would be helpful all by itself, since it's a very interesting topic that most developers get away with never touching.

In our section on Data Binding we mentioned a talk given by Michael Labriola at 360 Flex San Jose. Michael also has those slides on slideshare, but I thought it more appropriate to link you to his post on the Digital Primates blog rather than embedding them myself. This is by far the best discussion I've ever heard on Binding, and I'd encourage every one, even those who consider themselves experts in Flex, to take a look.

All in all, I thought the MAX talk went pretty well. 60 minutes is a pretty short time to co-present something as blended as this talk, and I think we provided value to our attendees. If you attended and have more feedback I'd love to hear it, or if you've just checked out the slides and have questions or feedback, please let me know. I want to know how to make these talks better! rj dot owen at


eme said...

some very few times, though, you casually meet a presentation, workshop, lesson... which just fits in your way of learning.
That was my case here, Lucky me!

Now I have an idea of where to code when extending components, which i had no clue.

I also have an idea of where to look if something goes slow or doesn't show up as expected.

Thanks a lot (you and adobe tv)!

any chance you come to europe :) ?

eme said...

sorry there,
i was referreing to the max slides of "Diving deep with the flex component lifecycle" broadcasted on adobe tv

RJ said...

A ha - Adobe mistakenly posted our talk from 360 Flex under MAX on Adobe TV. I've emailed them about it and hopefully they'll fix it soon.

In the mean time, the 360 slides are here:

Tracy said...

Hi RJ,

I'm writing to you from SlideRocket, and just wanted to reach out and see if you have checked us out. If not, we'd love for you to take a look and let us know what you think! (Actually, same goes for if you have...). SlideRocket is built entirely in Flex, which we think is pretty cool.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Take care,