Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MAX 2008 game: Rescue Princess Chotin!

Near the end of this past summer, our intern Scott had very little to do and wanted to learn some Actionscript.  He'd been here all of four weeks, hired on to help do some last minute HR and pre-screen interview candidates.  We came up with a project that had very few requirements:

1.) Make a game,
2.) featuring the FlexBot,
3.) that somehow involves Matt Chotin.

Scott really exceeded our expectations.  First, he de-compiled the root max.adobe.com swf to get a real animation of the FlexBot walking back and forth, which is no small task for someone with just about zero Flash experience going into the project.  Then he coded up a simple game where the 'bot can shoot lightning (press "shift"), fight "bugs", and ultimately take on a deranged version of the PhotoShop Penguin who's taken "Princess" Matt Chotin hostage for undisclosed reasons.

It's pretty great - click the image above to go give it a spin.