Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Workspace Corruption and Moxie Beta 2

Moxie Beta 2 corrupts the .metadata files on close on my system (Intel Mac.) The workaround is to copy your .metadata file before closing flex builder and replace it with your copy before you restart.

Vote for the bug here.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Problems loading Workspaces or Projects in Moxie Beta 2

I tried to point my new Beta 2 version of Moxie to the old Beta 1 workspace, and it froze on me several times. I tried using a new workspace and importing the projects with the same result.

The workaround is to build new project files on the old project directories (back them up if you're worried.) You'll have to re-set all your project properties, unfortunately.

I logged this as a bug - please vote for it here.

AIR is......AIR?

Here's a question I thought of in the bathroom today:

If RIA's are about bringing desktop-like interaction and performance to the web, and Adobe AIR is about bringing RIA functionality back onto the desktop, are we really just bringing the desktop back to the desktop?

File a Bug!!

If there's one thing I learned at MAX this year, it's that the Adobe bug base is alive and kicking and that the Flex team is very focused on fixing the issues they've encountered.

If you find a bug, please file it here. And if you're a dedicated developer interested in making Flex better, please go through the weird UI to find some of the more important bugs and vote to have them fixed. :) My only complaint about this bug tracking system is that it's really hard to wade through the list of issues to find the one you for them without soliciting your friends and co-workers with a specific URL is a little difficult.

Here's to Flex, the Flex Team, and everything they're doing to make Flex better.

Blog kickoff!

Nothing starts off a new blog like a good youTube video. Today's lesson focuses on Maths and their importance in our society.

Thanks to John McRee for sending this out.