Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our 360 Flex Presentation is online!

Here you go!  

Thanks to Ted Patrick for getting this up and posting it on his blog.  I've been watching the 360 Flex RSS feed on Adobe Media Player for weeks now and never saw it, but Ted has it posted.  Enjoy, and please give us your feedback!

I've posted the slides on SlideShare here.  Email me at rj {dot} owen at if you want the originals to use for yourself.  Please feel free to use these at user groups, conferences, or to impress attractive members of the opposite sex.


Ted Patrick said...

I updated the AMP feed. Somehow it wasn't publishing correctly. All fixed.

Ted :)

Seb said...

Great talk!
Really good entry point for starters like me :)

Did you guys actually end up posting the slides (somewhere outside of the conference website for non-attendees)?



RJ said...

Here they are:

I'll update the post to show them too.