Sunday, July 20, 2008

Maikel Sibbald Joins EffectiveUI

This announcement is long overdue.  About a month ago, one of the most talented underground 3d Flex developers I've ever seen joined EffectiveUI.  His name is Maikel Sibbald, and he runs the popular blog.  If the URL didn't give it away, Maikel lives in the Netherlands, where he has two sons and a lot of tatoos, but is currently visiting Denver.

Maikel's hiring a EffectiveUI is a funny story that speaks to the power of taking initiative.  Maikel's a proficient Away3D programmer, and after seeing some of the stuff we did for Discovery Earth Live he decided to copy it's globe.  We discovered Maikel because of the copy, started talking, and the rest is history.  The motto of Maikel's story is simple: if you want to get a cool job at a sweet RIA company, copy some of their work.

Maikel joins a few other EffectiveUI Europe team members, including his fellow degrafa-contributor Jason Hawryluk, who lives in France.  On behalf of everyone, welcome to the team, and sorry I didn't blog about you a month ago. :)

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