Wednesday, July 2, 2008

EffectiveUI and Discovery Channel win a Stevie

EffectiveUI and Discovery Channel won an Stevie Award for "best web, software or programming design" for Discovery Earth Live. The award was actually listed for Interface Design.

Congratulations to the entire design team who contributed to this project, including Patrick Hansen, Bobby Jamison, and Jeremy Gratson. Congratulations are also due to our development team, which consisted of Brad Umbaugh, Kevin Skrenes, and myself. 

Discovery Earth Live was a great example of the sort of designer/developer collobration I was talking about yesterday: our designers made some initial mock-ups, but the entire design changed several times during development. Design and Dev worked very closely to rapidly change the entire interface several times during the course of the project, and this award is a testament to the success of that method.

Congratulations also to the team at Discovery, including Andra Gregory, Lori Wark, Betty Chu and Randy Rieland, who brought the initial vision and contributed a wealth of great ideas to the process.  Discovery is a client who really knows exactly how to engage creative agencies and Discovery Earth Live's success is a testament to their hard work as well. 

Here's a video of Betty Chu from Discovery accepting the award:

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