Wednesday, February 10, 2010

EffectiveUI book released

The EffectiveUI book by various people here at EUI and published by O'Reilly was released to the wild yesterday. Here's the official statement we put out:

"As the gap between the high-quality experiences users expect from software and the mediocre ones companies actually deliver continues to expand, there's no greater time to drive home the importance of building better UX for software.

Delivering on UX potential involves more than just innovative ideas and technologies. Building software centered on UX quality requires that the design, engineering, staffing and business considerations — as well as the overall art of software project management and development — be centered on users' needs and grounded in the practical realities that underlie innovative developments.

At EffectiveUI, we apply UX development and technology each day for custom Web, mobile and desktop applications. Over the years, we’ve learned through success and error what does and doesn’t work. Through these lessons, we have reached an approach that truly maximizes UX strategies for both the consumer and the developer.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a new book published by O’Reilly Media that will help answer many outstanding questions, or questions not yet pondered, for those embarking on better UX. We only wish we’d had this book a few times throughout projects in the past.

“Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software” is written as a complete roadmap of how to successfully develop groundbreaking software when the quality of the user experience is critical. The book will help:
  • business and product managers trying to build and fund innovative products successfully.
  • software professionals who want to more easily advance the cause of better UX in their companies and with their clients.
  • anyone striving to advocate and deliver on the promise of higher quality software.

“Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software” covers all aspects of how to create superior UX, from the initial concept to deployment. It also explores the business, project management, design, and engineering considerations that must work in tandem along the way. By presenting real UX projects that EffectiveUI undertook with National Geographic and Herff Jones, the book demonstrates how the principles discussed can be applied to overcome UX challenges and to meet UX opportunities.

Authored by Jonathan Anderson and John McRee of EffectiveUI, in conjunction with Robb Wilson, “EffectiveUI” joins O’Reilly’s animal series of books and features a Rainbow Lorikeet on its cover.

The book costs $44.99 and is available at major retailers such as ( and through O’Reilly Media at It is also available on iTunes for $4.99."

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jgervin said...

Man I love the buy in itunes. Saw the post and bought it in about 30 seconds.