Monday, May 4, 2009

New offices - EUI Upstairs!

Back in the summer of 2006, we (EffectiveUI) purchased a really big warehouse in down town Denver and moved in. In the early days we didn't have bathrooms or lights or conference rooms, and it was a real shack. That was quickly rectified, but as our numbers were still small we only built out the bottom floor of the building.

Since then we've grown considerably and our space started to constrain us - we couldn't physically fit enough desks in the office to house our Denver crew. Late last year we got serious about finishing the upstairs of the office, and today is the glorious day in which we've finally moved upstairs. Our design, development and PM teams moved upstairs, while account management and sales (the noisy people) stayed on the ground floor. It's nice and quiet up here. :)

Here are a few pictures, for anyone interested. It's still got a good industrial feel but is far nicer and more workable than the raw warehouse was.

The view from my desk of our "developer pit" area:

This is the designer "pit", separated by a half wall for us developers. The wall is there to make sense of the difference in floor height - not to keep them out (or us in (I think.))

Front couches upstairs - a good place to take phone calls. :)

The front stair case leading up to our new digs, with some of the art we're going to hang on the walls soon. I think Todd Hebenstreit made that one. All of the art we're using to decorate upstairs was done by EUI employees. I spray painted a smiley face myself, but it's not here. :)

View of the pits from the staircase:

We made Andy McIntosh sit with the designers to help him appreciate Flex Builder more:

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