Friday, November 7, 2008

Adobe ADC email FAIL

Like the rest of you in the Adobe Developer Community, I got this email this morning:

"Dear RJ,

introNetworks has sent you an introMail regarding: IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Please log in here <>  to retrieve your messages.


The Adobe Developer Connection team"

SPOILER ALERT: The special message was this:


Please note that as of November 10, 2008 the Adobe Developer Connection introNetworks application will no longer be available.  Be sure to copy any important content or contacts you want to save prior to that date.

If you have any questions or concerns email Edward Sullivan at

Why the hell did I have to log in to your system for that?  Why couldn't you just email me that important message in the first place?  There's nothing remotely important or secret about it.

Making people login, remember passwords, etc. unnecessarily is a huge user-experience FAIL.  Most likely the reason you're canceling the ADC is that none of us have logged in since MAX last year.


Ryan said...

That's mild compared to the Adobe Updater user experience.

Ted Patrick said...

Huge FAIL.

We are deprecating ADC IntroNetworks in migration to Adobe Groups ( ). The email sent this morning was inappropriate and was a bad user experience.

We have since changed the user experience and are redirecting users from to the beta of Adobe Groups.


Ted Patrick
Adobe Systems

RJ said...

Thanks Ted. As a community expert myself, I'm pretty excited about Groups and the future of the adobe community.

Charles F. said...

Adobe Updater! GRRRRrrrrrr