Tuesday, June 3, 2008

WebMonkey is back in business!

Many old web one-dot-oh developers will remember Webmonkey: an active resource for all things related to web programming and an essential part of our early web development education.  It featured tutorials on every web technology under the sun as well as news about things going on in the web development world.  The tutorials were in depth, accessible, and interesting, and the content was always fresh.

Unlike many other "how-to" sites, Webmonkey was fun.  It had style, class, and the tutorials had just enough pizzaz to keep you interested in learning things like CSS, complex table layouts, and sax vs. dom (ah, those were the days.)  Like many of you, I was an avid reader and big fan of Webmonkey, and was sorry to see it fall by the wayside sometime after the bubble's bursting.

Well friends, I have good news: the monkey is back in business.  Wired announced in their magazine last month that the site had been updated and revamped, and after cruising around webmonkey.com a little I have to say it's looking good.  I'm excited to see Webmonkey's return, and you should be too.

Right now Webmonkey seems to be focused on the more standard, less-proprietary aspects of the web, be they Javascript or Rails.  Hopefully they'll embrace the Flash/Flex/AIR/Silverlight branches soon and get some content for us rich developers.

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Ryan said...

Darn those rich developers. Always getting richer and taking more from the poor developers ;-)