Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flex 'Super Tuesday' Map from BBC

The BBC has a map on their site displaying information about the "Super Tuesday" primary voting scheduled to take place today. It also has an interesting feature that will show the state by state election results for the Presidential race back to 1956.

My favorite things about the map are that it's extremely lean (~300k) and extremely simple.
It's minimally skinned and contains bare-bones functionality (with the exception of a weird button that removes half the navigation - what's the deal with that?) Most users really won't have any idea they're playing with Flash content. This app definitely could have been done in Ajax, but I bet it was a lot easier to code in Flex. All in all, it's a good example of Flash done "right" in a way that subtley enhances the normal BBC content without taking over.


brandonthedeveloper said...

Would of been just that much cooler if you could drag the map around.

Ely said...

RJ - best...blog header...ever. I'm going to recommend it as a flex marketing campaign (but they don't listen to me on those sorts of things :)

Ely Greenfield

RJ said...